• Welcome to Inner Yoga

  • Welcome to Inner Yoga

    Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

  • Welcome to Inner Yoga

    Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

    Welcome to Inner Yoga Training

    A blend of ancient culture and modern science a yoga instructor training with Inner Yoga prepares you to teach this ancient practice in today’s yoga world. Our aim is to hold true to ancient spiritual wisdom while making it relevant for today’s modern yoga lifestyle.

    Whether you are looking to deepen your own yoga practice or want to start teaching yoga straight away a yoga instructor training serves as the best platform. Inner Yoga is a globally recognized yoga school delivering one of the Best Yoga Certification Courses in Bali with a world class teaching faculty.

    Having been listed as one of the Top 10 Yoga Teacher Certification Courses in Bali we understand what is needed to get your yoga teaching journey off the ground. All our yoga instructor courses are affiliated with Yoga Alliance that ensures our curriculum and delivery are of the highest standards.

    World Recognized Yoga Teacher Certification

    As a Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training you will obtain the best Yoga Certification to kickstart your yoga teaching career.
    Our 200 Hour Yoga Certification offers the most up to date Yoga Alliance teaching curriculum.


    Learn key postures in both Vinyasa and Yin yoga with daily clinics.


    Discover a variety of meditation techniques to calm the mind.


    Breath is a life force energy. Learn techniques to enhance your practice.


    Learn what yoga means and the philosophy behind it.


    Learn key principles in how the body moves for safe practice.


    Learn the 5 key elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Why Choose Us

    While not everyone who joins an Inner Yoga training will decide to become a teacher, you’ll leave the training feeling like you have a deeper understanding of yoga and most importantly, yourself. A true gift to share with the world.

    Our 200 hour Bali yoga teacher training certifies you to teach both Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. Our philosophy is rooted in finding balance in our body through these two practices; in our mind with Mindfulness and Meditation techniques and in our life by recognizing when we need to be active and when we need to rest and rejuvenate. Inner Yoga Training is unique in offering these two complimentary styles in one yoga training so when you become a yoga instructor and complete your certification you can understand what you and your students need to lead a balanced and happy life.

    Take the leap and join us in magical Bali for your yoga teacher training abroad. Become a yoga instructor today with Inner Yoga Training and leave with the confidence and understanding to start your teaching journey straight away.


    Our Gallery

    This is the beautiful yogi and yoginis that have shared their journey and growth with us. Take a look!

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      • A brilliant balance between yoga philosophy, Vinyasa, Yin and anatomy. A truly transformative experience built by people with so much heart. Highly recommended!

        Rula, Kuwait yoga

      • I loved the holistic nature of the training, the introspection and the caring and approach of the teachers

        Janine, New Zealand

      • I really loved the opportunity to have 3 weeks to really explore myself. To learn from extremely good teachers and learn so much about myself, others and yoga

        Mari Marte, Norway

      • This entire training was more than I could have hoped for. I changed as a person over the 3 weeks. I progressed my own practice and feel more confident about teaching than I expected to after 3 weeks

        Tommy, USA