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Yoga Poses for Kidney Health-Inneryogatraining

3 Yoga Poses for Kidney Health: Nourish Your Vital Organs

Do you know that one cannot survive without Kidneys? Kidneys play an essential role in maintaining the overall fluid level of our body. These nutty organs do the task of urine formation and blood purification. Moreover, you will be shocked to know the importance of the kidney’s role in acid-base balance and how it helps a person live a good life. Thus, these are essential for the smooth functioning of our body. Aren’t they?

So, it is clear that for a healthy body, healthy kidneys are important. For that, Yoga is the need of the hour. Regularly doing Yogic asanas and postures will ensure the good conditioning of the kidneys and will protect them from any failure. 

Let’s discuss some of the yogic postures that will make you know how to keep kidneys healthy

  • Paschimottanasana: It is also known as the seated forward bend and is widely famous among yogic practitioners. In paschimottanasana pose, you need to start with dandasana with both of the legs in a forward stretching position. Then you need to bend forward and try to touch your feet with your hands. This whole yogic pose is done while exhaling when you bend forward and inhale while going back to normal. Paschimottanasana’s benefits include a calm mind and stress removal. Daily practice of this exercise boosts the productivity of the kidneys. This asana improves their ability to filter blood more effectively. If you aim for weight loss, you can try it as it burns the extra abdominal fat. So, to look young and dynamic, you can practice this dynamic pose and get quicker results. 

  • Chakrasana: As the name suggests, Chakrasana is a wheel pose yoga in which your body will look like a wheel. Being a tough asana, it requires constant guidance from experienced practitioners. Apart from stimulating the kidneys, this impacts their natural health and makes them strong. It is good for the purification and circulation of blood. Thus, chakrasana benefits include better conditioning of muscles and bones. It creates pressure in the back and stomach as well. Several wheel pose variations help in alleviating the back pain. But it takes time to get perfection in this pose, as it is a difficult one and should not be done alone. Moreover, if you desire to make a bigger chest, you can try this yogic pose. It expands the chest and makes it wider like never before. 

  • Dhanurasana: Popularly known by the name of bow pose yoga, it is a miracle when it comes to kidney health. It would be best if you lay on your stomach bend your knees and try to hold them with your hands. Thus, the whole body looks like a bow, and that’s what the name is. Moreover, this asana is known to open the shoulders and give them good breadth. Bodybuilders aiming to make great shoulders can perform it daily. Dhanursana Yoga benefits are known to the world for imparting flexibility to the body and boosting the functioning of both kidneys. 

Thus, these are the top 3 asanas known to impart good health to kidneys. If you practice any one of them diligently regularly will give you better results. But initially, you should take the support of a yogi, and later on, you can start practicing yourself. These asanas if performed with full grace will surely enhance the ability of your kidneys and make them work better. 

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