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Sadhna for the Soul
300-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Sadhna for the Soul, our signature 300-hour yoga teacher training will take you on a journey beyond your physical practice and into the world of Sadhna.  This advanced yoga training has been designed to help you develop your own spiritual practice – an invitation to explore further the depths of yoga, spirituality, and self-discovery. 

Sadhna lies at the heart of yoga and represents a dedication to your spiritual growth. Inner Yoga Training’s 300-hour yoga teacher training, will provide you with the tools, guidance, and knowledge to create and sustain your own personal Sadhna practice, allowing you to connect with your inner self on a more profound level.  You will be empowered to deepen and expand your yoga practice and offer your students greater meaning through your teaching.

What is Sadhna?

Finding its roots in the Sanskrit word ‘Sadh’ meaning ‘to achieve’, Sadhna is one of the most profound and spiritually-awakening yogic practices.  It is for yoga practitioners who are ready to take their spiritual journey to the next level. 

Sadhna for the Soul Program Highlights

Learn how to create a personalized Sadhna practice that resonates with and enhances your spiritual path. You will explore a variety of elements such as mantra, meditation, pranayama, and devotion. This exploration will allow you to incorporate the practices that make you feel more connected with the spiritual side of your yoga practice.

Delve further into the ancient yogic texts that you explored during your 200-hour yoga teacher training. Gain more wisdom and insight from the ancient teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, and Upanishads, that form the philosophical and spiritual foundations of yoga. These texts will act as a guide to living a life with Sadhna.
Sadhna is focused on self-introspection as a way to uncover your own truth and wisdom. Meditation and mindfulness can foster this self-awareness, leading to greater inner peace, and helping to break down limiting beliefs and heal emotional wounds. Go deeper into different meditation and mindfulness practices as a key tool to maintain your own stability and calm. Through life coaching become clear on how you want to show up for yourself and others.

Discover different spiritual practices that are tied to yoga and learn how to incorporate these into your own Sadhna practice and teachings.

Sadhna can provide an extra layer of meaning for yourself and your students when you incorporate the different practices into your classes.  During this training you will learn how to share the essence of Sadhna with your students, helping to guide them towards a more spiritually meaningful yoga practice. 

What you Will Gain

1.Personalized Practice

Sadhna is deeply personal and tailored to your own spiritual needs and aspirations. You will learn a wide range of practices, such as meditation, mantra repetition, kirtan, yoga asana, and more, so you can choose what aligns with your own spiritual journey.

3.Inner Exploration

Sadhna often involves deep introspection, self-inquiry, and contemplation. It encourages you to explore the inner dimensions of your consciousness, uncovering hidden truths and wisdom.  We will delve into mindfulness and life coaching to help us on this path.

5.Discipline and Commitment

Through workshops and regular practice teaching, we will help you find your unique voice to use in your teaching. This is also an important life skill to be able to express yourself in the world. You will have the vocabulary you need for effective teaching cues that will give you the confidence to start teaching. Discover how to use your voice to influence the mood of your classes.

2. Spiritual Growth

The primary aim of Sadhna is spiritual growth and self-realization. Through the practices we share during the training, you will learn to connect with your inner self, dissolve barriers and self-limiting beliefs, and experience a profound sense of unity with the Universe.

4. Connection to the Divine

Discover Sadhna practices that are rooted in devotion and a longing to connect with the divine. Through chanting, kirtan, and other rituals, you will uncover ways to connect with a higher power.

Sadhna for the Soul: 300-hour Curriculum

You will learn about four different paths to Sadhna.

Raja Yoga

  • Study common injuries that lead people to yoga and how to work with these students by offering specific yoga poses and variations.
  • Advance your teaching skills and gain valuable insight and feedback on your teaching from fellow students as you lead morning practices. Learn to refine your sequencing and adjustments in small groups to teach and gain feedback.
  • Refine your technique and learn more advanced poses in our Asana clinics.
  • Discover a variety of advanced meditation practices and learn how to make meditation part of your daily practice.
  • Understand the anatomy of the brain and how meditation and Yoga Nidra influence the brain. Learn about the different brain states (Alpha, Beta, Gama, and Theta) and their connection to the nervous system.
  • Learn about the limbic system, often known as the emotional brain. The limbic system plays a key role in shaping our decision-making, emotional experiences, and overall well-being.  By understanding how it works and its structure you will gain valuable insight into your own emotions and behaviours.
  • Understand the Vagus Nerve and the significant role it plays in regulating different bodily functions including digestion, nervous system, heart rate, and respiratory rate. It is a key component of the parasympathetic nervous system and acts as a main communication channel between your gut and brain.  Once you understand its structure and function you will better understand your overall health and wellbeing.
  • Practice a variety of Yoga Nidra and learn how to deliver an effective Yoga Nidra experience for your students.

Bhakti Yoga

 One of the four main paths of yoga, Bhakti Yoga is a spiritual practice focused on developing a loving and deep relationship with the Divine, however, you choose to interpret that.  Bhakti Yoga focuses on love and devotion and teaches us that by surrendering our ego and offering our love and devotion to the divine we can experience deeper spiritual unity and growth.  Understanding Bhakti Yoga will help you find meaning, purpose, and a deeper connection within yourself.

 Practice chanting different mantras to focus your mind, help concentration and develop inner peace. Understand the power of the vibration behind the mantra and what it does on a cellular level in the body.

  • Delve into Balinese daily life and learn how to make Balinese offerings. Understand the meaning and significance behind offerings and visit a local temple to make your offering.
  • Learn how to meditate on the Divine’s form and attributes as a way to imbibe the qualities into your own daily life.
  • Gain spiritual wisdom and insight from Satsang. Derived from Sanskrit “Sat” means Truth and “Sang” association.  It is a gathering of people who come together for spiritual growth and self-realization.  We will provide a sacred space for you to connect with your inner self and the Universe as we invite different teachers to share their spiritual teachings and knowledge.
  • Discover the joy of Kirtan as we sing and dance in devotion to the Divine.

Jnana Yoga

 Another of the four main paths of yoga, Jnana yoga focuses on wisdom and knowledge through intellect and contemplation.  It will help you seek deep spiritual insight and gain more self-awareness. 

 Through ancient texts begin to understand that the true nature of the self (Atman) is eternal and unchanging.

  • Gain insights into your real self with questions such as “Who am I?”, and “What is my purpose?”.
  • Dive into a deeper study of the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, and Yoga Sutras and learn how to apply the teachings to your daily life.
  • Spend time journaling on different life questions helping you to express and release emotions and gain greater mental clarity. Journaling is known to help reduce stress and is often used for emotional well-being assisting with improved immune function and reducing symptoms of chronic illness.

Karma Yoga

 Through Karma Yoga learn about selfless action.  Identify areas in your daily life where you can be of service to others with no expectation of anything in return.  This can be through small acts of kindness or larger acts of service.  Karma Yoga will teach you how to let go of any expectation or result from your actions and that the outcome of your actions is not within your control. 

 Learn how your daily activities can be an offering to the Divine, whether at home, with family and friends, at work, or in your community. It will help you move beyond your ego and create a greater sense of connection with everyone.

  • Enjoy a day at a local beach as we put Karma Yoga into action with a beach clean-up day.

Discover the benefits of daily acts of service during the training.

Why Choose our 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training

Inner Yoga Training’s 300-hour program is a unique offering with a specific focus on Sadhna.  Sadhna offers a multitude of benefits, including:

Spiritual Fulfillment

Find more meaning in your life and a sense of purpose. Developing a Sadhna practice will bring you more inner peace and spiritual fulfillment.

Stress Reduction

Through regular Sadhna practice, you can reduce stress, anxiety, and emotional wounds.

Enhanced Well-Being

Enjoy greater physical and mental well-being as Sadhna is known for promoting better health and more clarity of mind.


Through regular Sadhna practice, you can reduce stress, anxiety, and emotional wounds.

Small Group Size

Our 300-hour yoga teacher training is limited to a minimum of 18 students allowing you to have more interaction with the teachers. With an intimate group of fellow yoga teachers, we will foster a deeper connection within the group and you’ll have lots of opportunities to ask questions, engage in discussions, and receive ongoing feedback.

Expert Teachers

All of our teachers have dedicated their lives to their own spiritual growth and practices. They have been hand-picked for their expertise and dedication. They are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you and guiding you towards your own Sadhna.


Our training is held at Azadi Retreat located among the rice fields not far from Ubud on the beautiful island of Bali. It has been designed and built around yogic principles and is the perfect backdrop for your journey. All meals, accommodation, and airport transfers are included.

Sample Schedule

We try to keep our schedule varied and fun.  In addition to the daily yoga practices and study, you will also enjoy day excursions around Bali. 

Time Activity
06:30 am – 07:00 am Meditation/Pranayama
07:00 am – 08:30 am Asana Practice
08:30 am – 09:30 am BREAKFAST
09:30 am – 11:30 am Theory – Philosophy / Anatomy
11:30 am – 13:00 pm Workshop – Asana Clinic / Teaching Methodology
13:00 pm – 14:30 pm LUNCH
14:30 pm – 16:00 pm Mindfulness / Yoga Nidra / Spiritual or Life Coaching
16:00 pm – 16:30 pm BREAK
16:30 pm – 18:00 pm Workshop or Satsang
18:00 pm – 19:30 pm Evening Practice/Sound Healing/Kirtan
19:30 pm DINNER
The schedule may be subject to change depending on the needs of the group.


You will need to be a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and have been teaching yoga or meditation for a minimum of one year.  This training will be limited to 18 students as we look to cultivate a deep connection within the group.  Priority will be given to past graduates of Inner Yoga Training’s 200-hour YTT/  You are welcome to join even if you have completed your 200-hour YTT with another school, but we advise signing up early to avoid disappointment.

Yoga Alliance 300-hour Certification

Inner Yoga Training’s advanced 300-hour yoga teacher training will be accredited with Yoga Alliance US. On successful completion of your 300-hour yoga teacher training, you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a 500-hour yoga teacher.








Start your journey of transformative self-discovery and spiritual growth with our 300-hour yoga teacher training Sadhna for the Soul. Let our experienced and passionate teachers guide you as you take your yoga practice and teaching to a deeper and more meaningful level.  Begin your journey into Sadhna today, and discover the lifelong benefits of developing your own spiritual practice.