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5 Yoga for Liver: Enhance Your Liver Health Naturally

Liver is one of the busiest organs in our body after the heart. It is also known as a chemical factory as major chemical reactions keep taking place in it. You might have heard people getting died due to liver failure. Yes, it’s true. Since, it is a regenerative organ, the possibility of the liver being damaged is high. Although, It is a great detoxifier of the toxins from the body but is prone to illness as well. Regular consumption of alcohol and drugs leads to their malfunctioning and ultimately failure. Moreover, taking steroids for bodybuilding can also create trouble for it. 

Now is there any chance to make the liver healthy in case it has been damaged? Yes, here comes the Yoga into the picture. You need to practice Yoga for various liver health benefits

Let’s have a look at some of the best Yogic postures that make the liver strong and boost its performance:


  • Vajrasana: Being known by the name of the simple sitting pose, the Vajrasana pose is of great importance when it comes to liver function. It is derived from the word Vajra which means Thunderbolt. Apart from boosting liver strength, the thunderbolt yoga pose enhances the concentration level and helps in alleviating back pain. Apart from that, reducing hypertension is one of the leading benefits of Vajrasana

  • Padmasana: It is also known as the Lotus yoga pose. You can practice this yoga in case you have less time and are in a hurry. The practice involves crossing legs and keeping feet on opposite thighs. For people with fatty liver, it is a boon as it enhances the functioning of the liver. Various yogic practitioners do breathing exercises in this pose. Moreover, you can perform various padmasana variations for better results.    


  • Baddha Konasana: It is a bound-angle pose in which you will look like a butterfly. Baddha Konasana benefits include greater flexibility and enhanced liver power. People who are suffering from liver cirrhosis or any other major liver ailment can perform it. The other benefits include alleviating fatigue and enriching the power of muscles. You can prefer to do a reclining butterfly pose as it has a direct impact on the regenerative power of the liver. 

  • Urdhva Mukha Svanasana: As the name depicts, it is an upward-facing dog pose. Being part of Surya namaskar, this yogic posture is known to enhance body posture. It will even boost your energy for the whole day. Since it involves laying on the stomach, it affects the functioning of our mighty liver. If you are suffering from the issue of fatty liver, you must try this out. The benefits of Urdhva Mukhs Svanasana also include the alleviation of back pain with its daily performance. 


  • Chaturanga Dandasana: It is a part of Vinyasa yoga i.e. it is an active pose and requires constant practice. This advanced pose has many liver-related benefits. Its benefits include enhancement in chemical reactions taking place in the body. So, a person suffering from fatty liver issues need not worry about anything if he is performing it regularly. Moreover, Chaturanga Dandasana benefits involve effective weight management as it is a plank pose. Even it impacts and boosts the functioning of the heart. 

So, if you too have some liver complications, you can try these yogic poses for better results. These will not only enhance the functioning of the liver but also help in the overall smooth running of our body. The only thing which is required from the end is commitment and devotion. Even Acharya Advait Bhushan recommends these poses to everyone due to their various benefits. Regular practice of these poses will change your whole life in the long run apart from boosting liver abilities. 

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