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At Inner Yoga Training we believe in creating greater balance in life and have designed our all-inclusive 100 hour yin yoga teacher training certification Bali, 200 hour vinyasa yin yoga teacher training in Bali with this in mind.

Our approach is modern and mindful of today’s lifestyle, while at the same time drawing on centuries’ old concepts from traditional yoga philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine Inner Yoga teacher training is based on the concepts of Yin Yang and teaches you how to live in balance and harmony. Yin Yang lies within everything but most importantly for us, the human body. Our Yin side is the slow, soft, more quiet energy, while our Yang side is the fast-paced and active side of our energy. With our modern and hectic lifestyles many of us spend our time in the Yang part of our energy; we are constantly trying to find balance between work, family and personal time, sometimes taking us out of balance with ourselves and those around us.

Our 200 hour vinyasa yin yoga teacher training in Bali offers a unique concept that teaches you how to harmonize these two energies through two different styles of yoga. Half of your teacher training focuses on the Yang, using the Vinyasa style of yoga while the other half focuses on the Yin with Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Mindfulness techniques. Even your daily asana practices in the training are timed to complement the body’s Yin Yang energy flows.

Teach Anywhere in the World with a Yoga Alliance Certified School

When you complete your 200 hour vinyasa yin yoga teacher training in Bali with Inner Yoga Training you will be certified to teach both Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga teacher training in Bali. Understanding the key principles of each practice, their benefits and unique teaching styles will ensure you are a well-rounded and versatile teacher when you graduate. By offering these two complementary styles of yoga in one training means you don’t need to do an additional training to be able to teach 100 hour Yin Yoga teacher training in Bali, 200 hour vinyasa and yin yoga teacher training in Bali and it certainly doesn’t mean that we compromise on the content or quality of the training. Many Vinyasa trainings fill in their afternoon schedules with extra asana clinics and a second Vinyasa practice. We fill in your afternoons by teaching you how to become a certified Yin Yoga teacher training in Bali.

Inner Yoga Training is a 200 hour Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. That means that on successful completion of all course requirements you will be awarded a certificate of completion for your 200 hour vinyasa and yin yoga teacher training in Bali that will allow you to apply for your Yoga Alliance RYT200 Registration, which is the most recognized certification worldwide.


Discover an Amazing Location

Known as the Island of the God’s, Bali has become a yoga mecca in recent years attracting top teachers to learn from. It is a unique opportunity to complete your 100 hour yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali 200 hour vinyasa and yin yoga teacher training in Bali on an Island rich in Hindu culture and ceremony which you can witness walking through the streets. Bali has become a globally recognized destination and mixes a taste of South East Asian culture and cuisine with great café’s and accommodation options. We describe it as a “soft India” – you get the taste of the culture but with great food and a much higher standard of accommodation and facilities than a yoga teacher training in India would offer.

Azadi Retreat offers a unique location for your Bali yoga teacher training. Surrounded by tropical jungle, rice-fields and temples, the location was chosen for its tranquil atmosphere and rich culture. The views are stunning and peaceful but only a short distance from central Ubud. The peaceful open-air yoga shala is facing the jungle and provides the perfect environment for your yoga teacher journey.