Meet Your Instructors


Caring. Dedicated. Expert.

Our hand-picked team of teachers has been chosen for their depth of knowledge, passion for what they do, and dedication to life-long learning and development. They have all studied and worked in their area of expertise for decades and are passionate about sharing their knowledge with you in an accessible and supportive way.
Rather than choosing teachers who are generalists in many subjects, we have specialist teachers for each area of study covering vinyasa yoga, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and yin yoga. That means that not only will you benefit from their years of experience and depth of knowledge in their area of expertise, but you will also gain a variety of perspectives and have variety in the teaching.

Georgina Yadav

Founder, Inner Yoga Training

Hayden Rain

Yin Yoga & Mindfullness

Jonwin Lee

Traditional Chinese Meditation

Dr. Menik Suyani

Anatomy & Physiology


Yoga Philosophy & Ayurveda

Camila Reis

Vinyasa & Meditation E-RYT500