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Revitalize Your Vision: Exploring the Benefits of Yoga for Eyes

These days life has become very modern and it is taking a heavy toll on people’s health. In fact, many people do suffer on account of weak eyesight and fatigue. The possible reasons could be working tirelessly on a PC and developing computer screen strain or watching TV. Even younger kids are prone to eye-related troubles as they invest a huge amount of time playing video games. Moreover, they also play various outdoor games that involve and thus their eyes get affected drastically. All these things cumulatively affect eyesight and should be taken very seriously to get rid of them. 


Exercise and eye health go hand in hand and thus yoga comes into the picture as the most reliable solution to this emerging eyesight problem. Various yogic postures not only help in acquiring better posture but also provide eye fatigue relief. Let’s have a look at some of the yogic asanas that one can perform to get rid of the various eye-related issues. 


  • Tadasana Yoga: Tada means “palm” and asana means “posture”. So, in this asana, you will be standing like a mountain or a tree. Being known as a mountain pose, this asana makes the spine aligned in its natural position. Increase in eyesight and stability of the body are some of the tadasana benefits. Tadasana even improves the concentration level of a person which is an added advantage. 


  • Padahastasana: As the name suggests, this asana makes a person stand on his palms down towards the feet. Basically, it is a hand-to-foot pose. Padahastasana for eyes works wonders as it improves eyesight to a large extent. The overall flexibility of the body gets better with the passage of time. Apart from enhancing vision, it helps in calming the mind which is a need of the hour. 


  • Sirsasana: Popularly known by the name of Inverted pose, this asana is the king of all other asanas. A person needs to stand on the head with legs above the ground and face the sky. The overall blood flow towards the eyes gets enhanced and it leads to better eyesight. So, if you are a person who has weak eyesight, you can perform sirsasana for eye health. As the name suggests, this pose increases the flow of blood towards the head which enhances the eyes’ performance. 

  • Chakrasana: Chakra means “wheel”. In this yogic posture, one is supposed to bend the body in the form of a wheel. Mainly, it is a backward bending pose in which the spinal cord is completely stretched. By performing this chakrasana for eye strain on a daily basis, one gets great relief and eye health improves. The inner core of the body gets improved as well. 

  • Dhanurasana: It is known by the name of bow pose as the body of a person looks like a bow. Apart from enhancing eyesight, this pose strengthens the abdominal muscles as well. Dhanurasana benefits also include enhanced eye health and productivity. This magical pose boosts the energy level of the body as well. 


So, it was all about yoga for eyes and how it can make your eyesight improve in the long run.  If one follows any one of the above-mentioned poses vigorously and consistently, chances are very high that eyesight would improve in a short span. 

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