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Butterfly Effect in Everyday Life

Small Changes, Big Waves: Butterfly Effect in Everyday Life

Since yester years, we have been hearing the phrase “Actions speak louder than words”. Well, guess what, it has taken the form of a scientifically proven theory – “The Butterfly Effect”. 

First propounded by a scientist named Johann Gottlieb Fichtein in The Vocation of Man (1800), the Butterfly effect states that changing something gradually can cause a significant social and emotional impact. The theory was examined by other scientists primarily in relation to the weather over the following years and into recent times. And it was found to be true. So, can we say that your inspiring actions of today can yield greater results tomorrow? Read along to know.


Butterfly Effect and Empathy Mapping

The butterfly has become more of a metaphor for small gestures affecting change. Will recycling at your own house affect the environment? Will walking more and using the car less affect the air quality over time? Recent applications of this theory have been in relation to people and their behavior. If you do small acts of goodness to someone today, will it affect tomorrow? There is much debate about this whole theory and it has been relabelled as a ‘Pay it forward’ concept. Be nice now because it will affect your future. 


Your Perception is the Ultimate Projection

Imagine the effects happening to hundreds of people and changing attitudes. Change does start with you. It’s a ripple effect of kindness

For example, imagine that you are stuck in traffic. You are in the right lane and this lane has to merge to the left because there is construction on the side of the road. You wait patiently for the car on the left to let you in. Not a single car lets you in for about ten minutes. How do you feel? Will you go home and tell this story with a twist on how people are so unkind? Your kids will hear this and pick it up. The world is full of unkind human connections.


 Another scenario shows you waiting in line to merge but you only wait one minute or so. The driver that lets you in smiles and waves. How do you feel? You go home and tell this story. Your kids pick up the message that people are nice and helpful. And they will also be doing acts of kindness in the future. Your world is looking better and so is theirs. 


The Application of the Butterfly Effect

Now, the question is how can you apply this sort of positive influence to your life goals?
First things first, make up your mind on one thing that you desire the most. Once decided, write three aspects in which you want to see some change to foster a change.

Make three columns for each item. Column one is what you want to do. Column 2 is where you want to show. Column 3 is a set of important dates when you need to submit a document or appear for an exam. Making columns like this leads you to take actions that will lead to you achieving your goal. This is your Butterfly Effect. 


The small action of making a series of columns listing your goals is like the small butterfly wings making enough wind to eventually create a tornado down the line. No matter how good you are at something, if you never show up with an attitude of gratitude and the willingness to act, nothing will happen. Because remember action speaks louder than words…

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