Dr. Menik Suyani

Anatomy & Physiology

As a Balinese woman who was born and raised in Bali, Menik had the privilege of immersing herself in the beautiful and spirit-filled island where bhakti yoga (devotional yoga), meditation, and daily offerings are a natural integral part of her life. She officially enrolled in her first yoga class in January 2016 to bring balance and self-love to her long hours working as a medical doctor in a hospital. Since then, yoga has become an important part of her life and is part of her regular morning practice.

Menik’s involvement in many yoga teacher trainings in Bali has been a life changing journey which has given her the opportunity to grow spiritually. Her passion is to share her wisdom of yoga and anatomy in yoga teacher trainings and she is grateful to have the opportunity to share the combination of western medicine and the ancient wisdom of yoga.