Top Yoga Teacher Training Schools in Switzerland

Switzerland is much more than a romantic spree and Mt. Titlis. It’s a wonderful place to find your inner compass with some of the most insightful yoga teacher trainings. Wondering which ones? Here’s the list:

Nico Luce Yoga – Zurich

Nico Luce is a highly respected and experienced meditation teacher and yogi who has been involved in yoga training for over a decade. He has a deep understanding and appreciation for the different lineages of yoga and incorporates the philosophies of the Eastern world into practical, real-life applications, allowing students to experience the mystical and transformative aspects of yoga. Nico’s teaching techniques are designed as a continuous journey that introduces you to the world of yoga while also enhancing your knowledge and skills to become an effective yoga teacher. Through his training, you will learn how to create engaging and enjoyable sequences, and how to effectively teach asanas (yoga postures) to your students. 

  • Cost: 4200 CHF (early bird discount) – 4500 CHF
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Website:
  • Facebook page:
  • Yoga Technique: Hatha, Vinyasa

Airyoga School – Zurich

Airyoga School is one of the best 200 hours yoga certification courses 2023 for individuals aspiring to become effective yoga teachers. Founded in 2005, the school has established itself as a provider of world-class yoga training. One unique aspect of Airyoga School is its language options. Even if you don’t understand English, you can still learn from this school by choosing the German version of the lessons. The school offers a comprehensive Hatha Yoga course, divided into nine modules. This training program is particularly suitable for experienced yoga practitioners who have been practicing for some time. It is designed to deepen their knowledge and understanding of yoga. However, it’s important to note that the school has strict graduation requirements. 

  • Cost: 4250 CHF
  • Duration: over 6 months
  • Website:
  • Facebook page:
  • Yoga Technique: Hatha

Sanapurna Center – Zurich

Sanapurna Center in Zurich is indeed the best yoga training course for individuals seeking effective yoga teacher training. The school holds Yoga Alliance accreditation, ensuring that the training meets the standards set by this reputable organization. The center boasts highly qualified trainers who are experienced in their respective fields. The curriculum covers not only the traditional aspects of yoga but also includes in-depth knowledge of anatomy, restorative yoga, and effective teaching methodologies. It’s important to note that Sanapurna Center has certain requirements for enrollment. Prospective students are expected to have a minimum of one year of prior yoga experience. 

  • Cost: 4100 CHF (early bird discount) – 4500 CHF
  • Duration: 6 months in a span of 9 weekends
  • Website:
  • Facebook page:
  • Yoga Technique: Hatha

Indiv Yoga – Nyon

Founded by Charlie Stewart-Brown, Indiv Yoga aims to address the anxieties and stresses that adults commonly experience in their daily lives through the practice of yoga. This approach is particularly relevant in our modern generation, as it combines both modern and traditional elements of yoga while still retaining the numerous benefits associated with the practice.

The courses offered by Indiv Yoga are structured around four key directions: moral ethics, achieving balance in mind and body, and cultivating inner calm and strength. This comprehensive vinyasa teacher training approach ensures that students not only gain physical flexibility and strength but also develop a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and its application to everyday life.

  • Cost: 3400 CHF
  • Duration: 4 months
  • Website:
  • Facebook page:
  • Yoga Technique: Hatha and Vinyasa

Yogassva – Magglingen

Yogassva program is designed to provide aspiring yoga teachers with a comprehensive knowledge of various yoga techniques that can be effectively combined with medical interventions and other natural healing methods. Before starting the training, participants are required to attend a seminar consisting of five meetings, which will be facilitated by the meditation instructor who is also the course leader. This seminar serves as a prerequisite for the training program and helps lay the foundation for the learning journey. The curriculum of this yoga training school covers a wide range of yoga techniques, allowing students to deepen their understanding and practice. These techniques may include different styles of asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, relaxation techniques, and more. By gaining proficiency in these techniques, aspiring yoga teachers can effectively guide their students and promote holistic well-being.

  • Cost: 4350 CHF with a registration fee of 200 CHF
  • Duration: 8 months
  • Website:—2019-2020.html
  • Facebook page:
  • Yoga Technique: Mantra, Karma, Bhakti, Mantra, Antahkarana, and etc.

Choosing a yoga teacher training program is a personal decision, and finding a program and mentor that resonate with your goals, learning style, and values is crucial. We hope that these pieces of training will add some value to your journey of mastering yoga and sharing it with others. 

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