What is Trikonasana And Its Benefits
Trikonasana And Its Benefits

What is Trikonasana And Its Benefits

Yoga is a world-famous practice that has gained a lot of momentum these days. National Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June on an international level. Do you know that the roost of Yoga lies in the history of ancient India? Renowned saint Patanjali founded it and propagated Yoga during the ancient era. 

Yogic practitioners all across the world practice various poses. Do you also practice it daily or occasionally? 

Have you heard about the name Trikonasana? It is a famous yogic pose with multiple benefits associated with our body. 


What is Trikonasana? 

This pose is a standing pose of the renowned Hatha Yoga. As the name suggests, a person appears like a triangle in this pose. Therefore it is also known as the Triangle pose. You need to stretch your body sideways to improve your flexibility. It is the best pose for legs and joints to give them greater mobility. 


You might be surprised to know that even elderly people can try this pose. What are the various health benefits of this pose? Let’s have a look at them. 


    1. Lengthening of Muscles: The benefits of Trikonasana are known to expand the muscles because they stretch when you do it. If you practice this pose day, you can expect to have greater flexibility in the joints. 
  • Aids in Digestion: If your stomach is feeling upset due to indigestion issues, Trikonasana will come to rescue you. Moreover, this asana supports the digestive system and helps the stomach in secreting several digestive enzymes. 
  • Supports spine movement: Trikonasna steps are specific to impart greater flexibility to the spine and thus aid in its easy movement. You can expect to get free from back pain which is a chronic illness these days. 
  • Enhances Lung Capacity: Trikonasana is a well-recognized asana for expanding the capacity of the lungs. Since it requires people to have a check on breathing patterns and requires constant breathing practice. A regular practitioner of Trikonasana gets control of breathing patterns easily. 


Several variations in the Trikonasana make it the best yogic pose. 

  • Utthita Trikonasana: This variation is known by the name of the extended triangle pose. In this yogic pose, a person is required to practice in a tadasana pose and take care of the breathing patterns. 
  • Parivrtta Trikonasana: Popularly called the revolved triangle pose, a person tends to make his body like a revolved triangle. It can be very fruitful for maintaining the overall balance of the body. 
  • Baddha Trikonasana: Bound Yoga enhances the flexibility of the hips and arms. Moreover, your internal organs are being stretched and abdominal muscles get contracted. Thus, you can expect to have greater mobility of the joints with regular practice. 
  • Parivratta Baddha Trikonasana: Being a bound revolved triangle pose, it gives stress to the overall body. All muscles specifically of hips and spine get stretched widely. If you are suffering from any back pain, you can perform this yogic asana. 
  • Bikram’s Triangle: This variation is done to improve the posture of the body. Kids try this at schools to enhance their body structure. Hip bones get stretched in this asana. 


So, these are some of the variations that you can try for this heavenly asana. Now the major question comes who should do and who should not do trikonasana

Elder people and kids should refrain from this pose as it is specifically designed for balance. It may affect them severely so they should avoid doing any variation of this pose. 

On the other hand, fitness enthusiasts can try this daily for better conditioning of the body. So, when are you adding this divine asana to your fitness schedule?

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